Automated Teller Machines

The automatic teller machine, or ATM, is a modern convenience that seems to be on every street corner, in every retail store and attached to every bank buildings. Companies even sell full-sized or miniature ATMs for home use. The convenience of the ATM can become a problem if you aren�t aware of the pros and cons of using a public machine to conduct your banking business. Convenience is a major ATM benefit. You don�t need to get out of the car to use a drive-up ATM. You avoid long teller lines in banks and can use the ATM to withdraw cash, make deposits and check account balances.

We work with the world�s leading providers of IT solutions and services to retail banks and the retail industry. The main focus of our comprehensive portfolio lies on business process optimization, especially in the branch operations of both sectors. We also apply the expertise we have gained from our core business to related industries such as postal services and service station networks.

Products and services should be both innovative and intuitive, adding efficiency and convenience to the lives of employees and consumers alike. Rely on Black Rock to keep your operations seamless, your delivery channels attractive and your institution secure, compliant and profitable. Our suppliers are universally acknowledged as the global leaders in banking self-service solutions of ATMs. We understand the present and future needs of our customers and consumers.

Cashless ATMs

Access to cash, inquiries, payments, transfers, bill-pay and more. Safely and conveniently expand existing retail banking networks. No need for expensive mobile branches or expensive ATM�s.

  • No cash inside � so no cash movement costs or cash sitting idle.
  • Low cost transaction set for cash access, inquiries, payments, transfers, bill-pay and more
  • Seamless and highly secure integration into core banking network
  • Safe and convenient access to banking services from any retail environment
  • Cashless ATMs work very much like regular atm machines. However, there are some differences that make Cashless ATM a much more attractive alternative for merchants. The first difference is that it will cost you 1/10th of the cost of a regular ATM to run.