Card Technology

We are partners with FutureCard which is an international corporation, expert in the design, manufacturing and customization of all types of cards, from the most basic plastic cards to the most advanced smartcards. While digitalized data replaces paper formats, sustaining trust is a key issue. Both card issuers and cardholders require reliable products in order to operate safely in our efficiency driven world.

Banking cards have been in used for several decades, and are now part of everyone's daily life. Financial institutions are constantly improving and enhancing the services offered to their cardholders in terms of security, ease of use, global acceptance, rewards... Improved technology has played a big part in this trend, and in particular the introduction of EMV smartcards.


Black Rock offers the relevant products and services, from the most basic- e.g. ATM mag-stripe card to the most advanced EMV and contactless technologies.

  • A full technological solution: a complete range of products in terms of applications, operating systems, memory size and authentication methods.
  • A commitment to standardization through the use of the latest and most common specifications available in the industry, no more proprietary solutions.
  • A fully Visa/MasterCard certified environment (product, manufacturing, personalization) in order to guarantee the security and quality of deliveries to our customers
  • State of the art production equipment in order to offer numerous visual innovations for card bodies
  • Personalization being a critical part in the card issuance, FutureCard provides either in-house services from our bureau (either for quick issuance project, or long term services) or assistance in integrating our products in your personalization system
  • In order to cope with the complexity of the EMV system, FutureCard can support the customer through their whole project from the definition & development, up to the card personalization and associated logistics
  • The proven security and capabilities of smartcards have enabled a whole new world of applications in which FutureCard is a major player.