Core Banking

A core banking system is the back-end data processing application for processing all transactions that have occurred during the day and posting updated data on account balances to the mainframe. Core systems typically include deposit account and CD account processing, loan and credit processing, interfaces to the general ledger and reporting tools.

Our core banking solution is a comprehensive, agile, componentized yet integrated business solution, addressing all the core needs of banks, in easy-toconfigure configure modules. Black Rock provides all the building blocks of business functionality enabling users to configure products and processes flexibly in order to adapt to a dynamic environment. With a 360 degree single source view into customer accounts, banks can empower customers with relevant information and delight them with the right offerings, presented at the right time through the right channel.

  • A comprehensive, integrated yet modular agile business solution
  • Addresses all the core needs of the bank, in easy-to-configure modules
  • Multi entity capabilities to support multiple legal entities, across various geographies, currencies and time zones on a single instance of application
  • Easy to configure modules and components